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Other activities in and around Jezzine


In Jezzine:
Several activities makes it worthwhile visiting Jezzine:
Jezzine is known for its ponds and lakes and it is called “city of falls” for its famous waterfalls, the Jezzine Falls. The 40m-high-Jezzine waterfall goes across a high, rocky cliff (called Al Shir). In the middle of the cliff there is the Grotto of Fakhr ed Dine. This cave is named after the Emir Fakhr ed Dine who took refuge in this cave in the valley of Jezzine (1633).
The village is internationally renowned for its handcrafted knives and other cutlery, made of inlaid
mosaics and bone. One of the original manufactures is Haddad (S&A Haddad Manufacturers of Genuine Jezzine Cutlery). This manufacturer of traditional Jezzine cutlery was founded in 1770. In the shop, you can see how the knives, forks, penknives are made.
Jezzine Municipal Building
The Old Serail/Jezzine Municipal Building is located in the town square. The Old Jezzine Serail, built in 1898, has interesting stairs, arched doors, wooden windows, and, on the top, a triangular shape above a
balcony. The inside of the building has wide halls and a beautiful staircase leading to the upper part,
which now holds municipal offices and has portraits on the walls. To the right of the Serail is the Kenaan Family Palace, which is more than 400 years old. The lower part of the palace is now rented by the electricity company.
Farid Serhal Palace
The modern, but incomplete, Farid Serhal Palace is a monumental oriental-style building. It was built in the style of Beit Ed-Dine Palace. This building contains an impressive collection of valuable antiquities; however, the palace can only be viewed from the gate.
Al Shir promontory
From the Al Shir promontory, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding localities scattered in the midst of a fertile plain and protected by mountains. At Al Shir, where the Jezzine Waterfall drops 40m over the cliff, you can also see the Grotto of Fakhr ed Dine, cut into the rocks. You will need special rock-climbing equipment and professional guides to climb down safely.
Jezzine River
There are beautiful, old architectural stones arching over the Jezzine River. On the lower left part of the bridge across the Jezzine River you will see the path of the water from the Jezzine Spring towards a mill, which is very old but is being restored. From the bridge on the left you can see the Church of the Angelic Brothers.
Other attractions for Jezzine:
-          One can visit the orchard in the valley and in the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the environment.
-          The area of Jezzine is known for its beautiful pine tree forests. Footpaths are made for walkers to go into the forest. Walks are also organized by the Lebanese Mountain Trail organization.
-          One can visit the marble factories where the marble is cut and prepared for usage.
-          Last but not least you can enjoy the famous Lebanese food in one of the several restaurants in Jezzine, situated on the mountains and overlooking the valley and Chouf Mountains, just on the top of the waterfall.
Around Jezzine
Jezzine is the center of south Lebanon from where you can visit several places such as Saida, Tyre, Israelian border, Beit el Dine, lake Karoun, Beeka valley (vineyards and Baalbek) and Chouf mountains where you can have a walk through the Ceder park.
Local buses can take you from Jezzine to coastal towns Beirut, Saida and Tyre (known in the bible) for a daily visit.  Saida and Tyre are known for their famous old souks and fish restaurants.

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