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Jezzine (70 km from Beirut, 30 km from Saida) is the most famous summer and touristic resort of South Lebanon because of its beautiful landscape and its 40m high waterfall. Vital public facilities contributed in making Jezzine the most important town in the area.
To get there, follow the Saida - Hlayliyye - Majdelyun - Salhiyye - Lebea - Roum - Homsiye road.
The village is located on the slopes of Tumat Niha and is surrounded by pine forests, vineyards and orchards. From the top of the huge rocky promontory known as al Shir, the visitor enjoys a breathtaking view of the surrounding localities scattered in the midst of a fertile plain and protected by mountains.

In the valley is a natural cave known as the Fakhreddine Cave because the Lebanese Emir took refuge there to escape Ottoman persecution. While his father Qurqumaz hid and died in this cave, Fakhreddine was caught and taken to Istanbul.
Jezzine is a historical village, where ancient sarcophagi and Crusader remains were found. To this remote past also belongs a ruined old mosque.

The most famous historical monuments are, however, more recent:
-The Saint Antoine Convent, belonging to the Antoine order (1774)
-The Serail (1898)
-The Farid Serhal Palace, a monumental building in the oriental style where an impressive collection of valuable antiquities is found.

Jezzine is the center of the Caza, where several public administrations, banks, hotels, restaurants and amusement centers are found. The town is famous for its traditional cutlery and daggers.  

The Grotto of Fakhreddin is one of the historical places in Jezzine. In this grotto Emir Fakhr-al-Din Beik ibn Maan (1572 - 1635) took refuge in.
The impressive waterfalls in Lebanon, and perhaps the only cascade in the Middle East. All tourists come from different countries both Arab and Foreign ones to see the charm of Jezzine.
Located at an average altitude of 950m, Bkassine is a charming peaceful village gifted by nature with a large and exquisite pine forest, covering an area of 1 million square meter, making it the
The swimmimgpool is situated on the top of a hill in the centre of Jezzine. From this place you can enjoy the lovely view of Jezzine combined with a cool dive in the pool.
Jezzine (70 km from Beirut, 30 km from Saida) is the...
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